Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Asoservice.com Service values the Developer's privacy and all website visitors. Also, the official website understands all reasons why people aspire to make their personal data safe. It is considered banking and personal account, and other data in profiles and applications. That's why this Agreement and important statements were created.

As a result, customers may be sure that there is no way that their personal information will be collected. Asoservice.com Service insists that emails, names, app data, addresses, etc are protected from collection intentionally or automatically. To make such protection real Asoservice.com did provide its Service with special scripts and algorithms. All of them protect customers' data no matter what platform they use personal computer or mobile gadget.

There is also information that is free to be gathered. Among such data, you may find the type of browser, details of a provider, domain name, and operating system. Don't worry about your personal data, because this information will be useful for Asoservice.com developers to improve its services and usability. If customers would like to join the improvement of this platform they can give their permission for personal data gathering. But in any case, such information can be collected only in one case: the customer did it voluntarily.

About cookies

Asoservice.com doesn't use cookies to gather informative details from users.

Contract change notification

There may be several changes in the Agreement or Privacy Policy. But each Developer will be notified if there would be any important changes.

Additional details

Using Asoservice.com Service means that the customer automatically agrees to follow Privacy Policy. If there is any statement you do not agree don't use this website for your own purposes. It will save you from any sadness and disappointments.

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