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Every app owner is aware that app reviews and app ratings are essential. It's among the most critical indicators that can significantly increase the rate of downloads and user acquisition. The An Apptentive survey revealed that just 50 percent of users are interested in downloading a three-star application. Once an app has reached four stars, the odds increase to nearly 90%, which is an astounding 89 percent increase in conversion rate. Therefore, the most effective way to grow the number of customers is to increase the number of favorable reviews on your app's website. There's no doubt there's an exemplary method of doing it, just like everything else. If your app has an excellent UX and is a clear idea. Let's discover this article and buy App reviews and ratings from real users at the cheapest price for your Android, and iOS apps and games.

1. App reviews and App ratings on Google Play and App Store

 Reviewers and customers leave App reviews and ratings on the App Store and Google Play Store to offer feedback on their experience with an app. This helps others choose which apps to explore.

app reviews and app ratingsApp Reviews and App Ratings, source: Asoservice.com

You can request reviews and then respond to increase the visibility of your app to encourage downloads and create a relationship with the people who download your application.

2. The benefit of App reviews and App ratings

 - Effect of app reviews and ratings on app ranking

There are a variety of elements that affect the ranking of your app in the app store. The algorithms evaluate the quantity and quality of reviews as well as reviews. They also consider the number of downloads, the use, the number of installations, and the keywords. While we have yet to determine the exact formula of how app stores rank their apps, we know that reviews and ratings have a significant role to play.

App reviews increase app store rankingApp reviews increase app store ranking, Source: Asoservice.com

Both the App Store, as well as the Play Store, place a higher amount of emphasis on reviews and ratings than they have ever. Apps that have higher ratings and reviews score higher on search engines. If an app has a high rank, it is more likely to be discovered and downloaded. The more downloads, the more likely it will remain on top of the charts. App developers should increase app installs from Google ads to get more app users.

- App Store Algorithm Change to Reflect Ratings & Reviews

This chart is from the marketing department at Fiksu, which has been in circulation since the algorithm changes in the App Store in 2013. Apple modified its algorithm to place greater importance on reviews and ratings. In this graph, you can observe that app that has three stars or less significantly dropped in rankings since the algorithm update. Apps with a 4-star or above rating grew in rankings.


Google followed suit in 2018 with a tidy over the Play Store. Their announcement in the year 2018 about reviews and ratings demonstrates their intentions to tidy up the app store, emphasizing ratings and reviews more than they did before.

According to Apptentive, the Apptentive website, higher and better ratings translate into a higher ranking. And the average score of the 100 top apps on the App Store is 3.94, and 4.32 in the Play Store. Also, look at the number of times the most popular iOS or Android best 100 application was evaluated. These numbers are impressive. There's no reason to be surprised about why they're among the top 100 apps on both app stores.


From a practical standpoint, it's fitting that app that has more excellent ratings, better good reviews, and downloads must be placed on higher charts. 

- App Store Downloads

You're looking for ways to boost the number of downloads to your app. You've already spent money optimizing your store to increase the chances of being discovered. Now you realize the importance of reviews and ratings to boost your app in ranking. Not only do reviews and ratings boost your app's position in the rankings, but they also give it an enormous possibility that it will be downloaded. This will be a big help to keep your app in the rankings. You need to buy App installs for Android, and iOS apps, and games from real users.

App reviews and app ratings increase app downloadsApp reviews and app ratings increase app downloads, Source: Asoservice.com

However, here's the thing about downloading...

Apptentive's research has revealed that just 15 percent of users would be interested in using an app with two stars. This compares to 96 percent of users willing to download an app with a 4-star rating. This is an impressive increase and demonstrates the level of sophistication among users. The most striking thing is that just 50% of people would be tempted to download an app with three stars. Another 50% would be entirely against downloading the app if it's an overall rating of 3 stars.

Therefore, in addition to the score of your app vital to be ranked prominently in the rankings. It's also crucial for downloads. If no one is downloading your app, it's a further reason why it shouldn't be featured high. The correlation between ratings, reviews, and downloads is high.


- A Focus on Velocity

The benefit of the newest applications is that the App Store is focused on download speed. The app launched just one month ago may have fewer total downloads than a more established app; however, if it's frequently downloaded right now, it will be ranked highly.

An excellent example is FaceApp. The app currently has 2 million reviews and an average 4.5 rating. It's better than WhatsApp Messenger in the app stores with the same rating. However, it has 93.5 million reviews.

Apptentive also discovered that 70 percent of users had read at least one review before installing or downloading an iPhone or Ipad app. 75% say that app reviews are the primary reason for downloads of apps.

If you're interested in seeing how critical reviews and ratings are, Appentitive's research suggests that jumping from 2 to 3 stars could increase conversion rates to app stores by 306 percent. In addition, jumping from 3 to 4 stars will increase the conversion of apps by 92%...

Reviews and ratings aren't just critical but could be the difference in your app at the top or bottom of the rankings and whether it is downloaded or not. If you want to increase app users, you can buy Top app keyword ranking at Top 1, Top 3, and Top 5.

3. How to increase app reviews and app ratings free for app developers

- Make use of an app-review plugin.

The easiest solution is to use the app's review plugin that handles reviewing.

So you don't need to create the functions by hand. Instead, you can add the parts to your app using only a few codes.

Fortunately, the two platforms, iOS, and Android have native review APIs for both. This is Google's version, known as the review API in-app.

The main benefit of these plugins is that they allow you to control the time of your review dialogues.

App reviews Plug inApp reviews Plug in, Source: Asoservice.com

For instance, you could make your app ask for a review following an agreed-upon time or particular occasion.

As we'll explore in the future, getting critiques at the right moment is vital.

Review plugins also let users limit their frequency of soliciting reviews. The majority of APIs will have a limitation cap to avoid this.

For instance, developers cannot use Google's review API dialog more than once per month. Google Review API dialogue more than once per month to keep from "spamming" users.

If appropriately used, plugins can significantly enhance the quality of your reviews.

For instance, here are the experiences of Nathaniel Khauana from Tokopedia when they adopted Google's review API

"The API for in-app reviews lets our users rate without leaving the app. Since implementing the API, the 5-star ratings we have received have increased by 4x."

Review plugins also assisted in making users of the Filtrete Smart application reach a 4.7 rating (from 3.8 ratings) within just a few weeks.

 In addition to these native APIs, you can use third-party tools to organize and analyze your reviews.

This can be useful for those with an app that runs on multiple platforms and needs an easy method to view your overall rating across platforms. An excellent instance would be abbot.

App review APIs are the main instrument you can use to boost your number of reviews, so incorporating them into your application should be the initial step.

- Request a review at the right moment

It is crucial to be punctual when you are asking for feedback.

The most unprofessional thing you could do is to ask users for help while they're in the middle of performing an important task. This could disrupt the user experience and result in them leaving with a poor rating.

Unfortunately, it takes work to determine the precise timing.

Don't inquire, too, as the user may have yet to experience your application as thoroughly and, therefore, won't provide detailed feedback.

However, it would help if you weren't waiting too long because the app may not be on their list.

Request reviews at the right momentRequest reviews at the right moment, Source: Asoservice.com

Fortunately, this study conducted by Power Reviews may provide a practical guideline.

 In the future, rather than using a solely time-based system, it could be better to explore using an event-based one. You request an evaluation only when you know that the person has fulfilled the specified tasks.

For example, for instance, it is the case that the Clear for iOS (now Clear Todos) application asks for a review after two requirements have been met. The first is that the user has been in use for several weeks. 

Two, they've completed the last tasks on their list of to-do.

 This is a more effective method. It guarantees that customers were joyous and satisfied when they requested reviews, which means a greater likelihood of receiving the most positive reviews.

Frequency is also essential to ensure you've got the correct timing. If you ask for reviews frequently, it is equally wrong and can irritate your users.

The discomfort caused by this is so widespread it is a matter of articles on how to prevent this.

Similar to timing, there needs to be a correct answer for when you should solicit reviews. It's even contingent upon the age range you want to target and the age of your target audience, as the following study indicates:

You can see that the critical number ranges from between one and two. Make sure to separate every "ask" apart as much as possible (a month can be a great ballpark).

Accept that a large portion of your users will not write a review.

However, as long as you get the right ones, you'll be fine.

Always remember, if you're unsure, always stay safe. Review requests should not hinder good UX.

- Make it easier to review your process.

Review submission should be as effortless as possible. Most users will be able to finish it in just a few minutes.

The best method is to ask simple questions that can be answered with an affirmative or negative answer, for example: "Did you enjoy using our app?"

Alternatively, ask users to select an alternative from a narrow range of options.

Make app reviews easily progressMake app reviews easily progress, Source: Asoservice.com

 But it would help if you didn't rely only on these conversations. Also, you want more specific feedback from your users that require extra time and energy to create one.

The ideal balance is to use a personalized method--what you'll be asking the next time will be contingent on the first response.

Considering context will give you better options without overwhelming the user with too many choices.

This is an illustration.

 The method above makes total sense. If an individual is unhappy with their experience, a review or rating is not something you'll need. The goal is to find out why they're sad so that you can address it.

On the other hand, when a user is happy with your application and is satisfied with it, they'll be in a better position to leave an overwhelmingly positive review. They can even write a long positive review of your app.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is also an excellent method to determine an even more precise gauge of the user's opinion rather than asking your users if they enjoyed your application.

The idea of NPS is that people will only encourage people to try an item they're happy with.

The NPS survey in motion:

 Simple is the ideal approach to take, particularly when it comes to something as complex as requesting an evaluation.

- Use release notes to ask for feedback.

Release notes can be among the most unutilized features on your app's page. Many people need to realize that they could be an excellent method to solicit reviews.

Release notes often provide information about updates or bug fixes for the most current version of your application. That's precisely the purpose of what it was created to accomplish.

But there are other things you can write there.

Release notes are among the numerous channels of communication you can use with your customers. They are a great way to define the tone of your company's image.

But, perhaps most importantly, it's a way to show your users that you value the people you're working with.

Feedback from real usersFeedback from app users, source: Asoservice.com

If you're thinking about it, including feedback in the release note is a great idea. In the end, you're enticing users to use the latest feature or fix a bug in your application.

It's only natural to seek feedback.

Here's an example of a photo from InShot.

The most straightforward request to provide feedback by email can go quite a way.

It's unnecessary to describe every change you made to the most recent version, especially if it needs to be simplified for users to comprehend.

Instead, you can create a release note to remind your customers of your dedication to your users' experience.

The method that Spends Stack adopted here is intriguing. It's easy, straightforward, and honest. The request for a review at the end is very natural.

We hope that we've convinced you to use app release notes with more creativity. While not everyone can read these notes, those that are can appreciate their efforts.

- Incentivize reviews through contests

Gaming is a highly efficient method to convince users to take action, which is not just asking for reviews.

When it comes to games, nothing is more efficient and thrilling than a game.

The concept isn't brand new. Companies and retailers have been doing this for quite a while. Here's an example review sweepstakes by Nordstrom.

This could be equally effective in the form of a mobile application.

Next Gear, an application for Restoration professionals, held a promo to get more feedback.

Here's how it was done.

Although, the procedures involved can be tedious for users on average. An alternative is to integrate all the steps into the application.

Of course, it will also be challenging to implement.

However, it also proves that even a primary contest can significantly boost the number of reviews you receive.

- Encourage in-app user feedback.

The tips so are geared towards encouraging users to write reviews.

If the goal was to give them incentives or to make the process simpler, The goal was to eliminate any friction that could be.

However, an issue keeps many users from writing reviews--writer's block.

It is challenging for everyone to articulate their thoughts; this can deter many from considering.

Writer's block can cause harmful, ineffective feedback, like "I loved this app" or "I don't like this feature."

Build a RealTime User Feedback App In Flutter with Firestore, Source: Youtube, FilledStacks

This is the reason Yotpo is a great thing that it has using the Intelligent Prompt feature. Its AI-assisted prompts can guide users through the list of subjects they need to cover.

Users can write reviews that are actionable and have more substance.

The example above might come from something other than an app on mobile. However, it shouldn't be a reason not to encourage you to. You could begin a process that can change how app reviews are presented.

In addition to making the process simple, Another way to motivate the users to be more creative is by making the experience enjoyable and memorable.

A lot of times, applications request reviews with the same request.

The issue is that people have seen this dialogue many times and are more likely to ignore it without a second thought.

However, if you mix things up, it could attract your users' attention. Buy app downloads for your Android apps, games from real users are also good.

Have a look at this image taken from The Waze.

The vibrant colors, adorable cartoon characters, and dialogue box that covers every inch of the screen are far from the dull standard dialog you have seen above. This makes pressing that rate us button far more exciting.

Sometimes the words you make use of also affect your overall impression.

This challenge is from BabyCenter is an approach simple by asking, "How are we doing?"

In addition, offering alternatives to those who either like or hate the app can create a sense of community from both sides.

Reviewing reviews shouldn't have to be dull, boring, or demanding. It can be an exciting and enjoyable way to interact with your visitors.

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If there are problems they will notify the application developers to fix those errors. As a result, developers have more time to research and perfect their iOS and Android apps. Thus increasing efficiency when developing applications and games on Google Play and App Store. You can buy App reviews and app ratings at the cheapest price from real users for your Android or iOS apps and games worldwide countries.

5. Steps to buying app reviews

+ Follow the steps

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7. Conclusion

App Reviews and App Ratings are significant factors in increasing the number of downloads you receive and conversion rates.

But there are more strategies to acquire users.

It's a tactic that falls under the giant umbrella of app store optimization (ASO).

ASO is optimizing a few critical parameters on your website's pages in your app's Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Doing this will make you more prominent to your target audience.

Do you find this intriguing? Find out more about ASO's fundamental principles and the best methods on this page as well right here.





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