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Basic ASO
  • Keywords Research & Optimization
  • 100 App’s Top Keyword Installs
  • App Title & Description Optimization
  • Promo Video
  • 10 App Store Reviews
  • HQ Press Release + Distribution
  • Delivery: 4-6 days


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  • Keywords Research & Optimization
  • 500 App’s Top Keyword Installs
  • App Title & Description Optimization
  • Promo Video
  • 50 App Store Reviews
  • HQ Press Release + Distribution
  • Delivery: 4-6 days


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Advance ASO
  • Keywords Research & Optimization
  • 1000 App’s Top Keyword Installs
  • App Title & Description Optimization
  • Promo Video
  • 100 App Store Reviews
  • HQ Press Release + Distribution
  • Icon Redesign
  • Delivery: 4-6 days


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Master ASO
  • Keywords Research & Optimization
  • 1000 App’s Top Keyword Installs
  • App Title & Description Optimization
  • Promo Video
  • 100 App Store Reviews
  • HQ Press Release + Distribution
  • Icon Redesign
  • Delivery: 4-6 days




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 How to Optimize Android and iOS Apps and Games on Google Play and App Store. This takes a lot of effort by developers in optimizing apps in the app store. Optimize ASO package is a powerful tool that contains the perfect service packs to help Android and iOS apps easily reach the top of apps. Let's discover now!!!

1. Optimize the ASO package

Optimize ASO is a powerful service package that combines many specialized services, helping iOS and Android apps and games to quickly increase their rankings and maintain Top apps in Google Play and App Store. This service pack includes:

Optimize ASO packageOptimize ASO package, Source: Asoservice.com

- Keyword optimization
- Title optimization
- Video Promotion
- Advertise the application in the press
- Reviews and Ratings from real users
- Keyword app installs on Google Play and App Store

2. Learn more about Optimize ASO for free

Learn App Store Optimization (ASO) steps from beginning to finish to boost app downloads and visibility.

In 2023 there were 4.2 million apps for Android customers through Google Play -- and Apple App Store has approximately 4.6 million apps available for iOS users.

Optimize ASO freeOptimize ASO free, Source: Asoservice.com

The issue facing marketing departments nowadays is not whether they should invest in apps to connect with their customers but how they can help people discover their apps first. 

- This is why optimizing the app stores (ASO) is vital.

Through this post, find out:

  • What is the term "app store optimization"?
  • How can you achieve a higher ranking in the app store?
  • Different types of app stores can promote your company's app.
  • Strategies to boost the organic ranking of applications.

No matter if you're new to optimizing your apps or are just keen to fine-tune your strategy for ASO, This post provides practical tips that have been proven to increase the success of your app store.

- What Is App Store Optimization?

Various names, such as App Store Marketing and mobile App SEO, are called App Store Optimization (ASO).

ASO is primarily about increasing the visibility of your app within an app store's search engine, such as Google Play or Apple App Store. Increasing your number of views can help you achieve other objectives, like increasing traffic to your app and downloads.

App Store Optimization and Optimize ASOApp Store Optimization and Optimize ASO, Source: Asoservice.com

The primary focus of ASO is on expert resource applications that help improve the position of mobile applications (apps) in the app store (like iTunes, Google Play, and macOS).

The primary mobile phones for which apps are developed to work on our iPhone/iPad Android and macOS.

The aim of Optimize ASO is almost always app downloads. However, the additional objectives can include things like:

  • More brand exposure.
  • Positive app reviews and scores.
  • Increased frequency and volume in an app review.
  • Engagement with the audience.
  • Further marketing channel diversification.

- Are you thinking about what you can do to justify investing in ASO?

It is essential to know that users of the app store and downloads of apps are increasing rapidly!

According to Statista.com, Since 2016, it has been observed that the number of downloads for mobile apps globally has been growing:

  • 140.68 trillion in 2016.
  • 192.45 billion by 2018.
  • 2019 will see 204 billion.
  • 218 billion by 2020.
  • 250 billion by 2021
  • 300 billion by 2022

- Understanding App Store Optimization

If you're new to ASO, It could be more familiar to your company's online marketing than you imagined.

There are a lot of similarities in the approach of conventional SEO (SEO) and ASO. We'll go over this more in-depth in the following section.

If you consider it, this is entirely logical. You should buy app installs to increase more users using your app.

Optimize App KeywordsOptimize App Keywords, Source: Asoservice.com

App stores are, in essence, closed-site search engines. They depend on the following:

  • Accessible content (app content) discovery.
  • Indexation.
  • Plus, an algorithm for app ranking related to:
    • App quality as perceived.
    • Freshness.
    • Brand scale.
    • Value signals from the user (e.g., ratings, reviews, engagement).

Do you recognize the sound? It is.

- These are all crucial SEO signals too.

Marketing professionals who are focused on generating a higher ROI from apps are mainly focusing on the key performance indicators linked to increasing the visibility of an app:

  • Ranking.
  • Impressions.
  • Shares.
  • Engagement (reviews/ratings).
  • Downloads.

Similar to SEO, optimizing your app's visibility is a changing and continuous procedure.

When you develop an app, the goal is to increase traffic.

If you're committed to ASO constantly recording and measuring performance and outcomes, you will be noticed on both the App Store and Play Store, which means endless possibilities. 

If you're thinking about which categories are getting the highest popularity on apps and what categories are the most popular, the top five most well-known Apple App Store categories in March 2021 included:

  • Games (21.53%).
  • Business (10.11%).
  • Education (8.67%).
  • Lifestyle (8.62%).
  • Utilities (6.24%).

The proportions not in the top five categories are closely divided between 2% and 4% and cover food and drink, travel, fitness/health, and many more.

The one exception to this trend is entertainment which is a trend that has 5.72 percent of the market.

- Organic Optimization: Optimize ASO Foundation

The essential ingredient that needs to be added to the majority of ASO marketing delivery methods is organic SEO, as well as the integration of app stores in the more extensive traditional marketing process.

It is easier to find overlap between ASO SEO and SEO than directly competing between them.

Integration of all these fields and the implementation of continuous concentration on ASO will result in a variety of results in search marketing.

You might be shocked to find that many of the standard strategies for optimization of search engines that are employed to boost results for search engines like Google and Bing are also immediately applied in ASO.

Examples include:

  • App name title, name, along with URL optimization.
  • Keyword research to help ASO.
  • Generating App ratings and reviews and handling.
  • Deep linking in mobile apps.
  • Indexation of Apps on Google Indexation of Apps in Google (search engine result pages).
  • Rate of click-through (CTR) improvement.

The most common mistake made by marketers, however, the most prominent mistake marketers make when using SEO or ASO is not taking into account the function of the site in driving a large number of referrals directly to your store's website and the downloads section for apps.

Your website should be the driving force behind leading people throughout the information-seeking and buying funnel from your central online entity (your website) through to an engaged, ready-to-buy/download audience (your app store).

Since content is limited within the app store, the more you can use your site's content to improve app visibility and discoverability to increase external authority and credibility for your app and administration, the more potential for downloads, traffic, and value your app will be able to receive.

- In-App Store Tactics

There are a variety of optimization zones within apps, like Google Play and other app promotion platforms, that could be targeted for refinement, updates, and continuous optimization.

Most app downloads can be directly attributed to app stores, which means it is impossible to overestimate to the importance of maximizing the in-app store.

Although the features of apps and fields are different, the following are the most important aspects of optimization you'll have to concentrate on and work on:

- Name of the app Title, URL, and name

Make sure they reflect the primary keywords used to describe your application and highlight differentiation, value, and other valued signals. These areas must reflect the most valuable keywords and users' search habits.

Also, you should be aware that there are limitations on characters in specific areas like the app's title (name), and you should be wary of implementing spammy or low-quality techniques. Keyword stuffing, for instance, is easy for algorithms to spot and penalize, degrade, or demote and, therefore, should be avoided.

If you need more clarification, talk with an expert or inquire about why you're adding the terms you are using. Does it speak to the user? Does it reflect the user's search behaviors?

- Keywords of the App field(s)

They are essential to get right and then to be updated to reflect the most recent and evolving users' queries.

App Keyword search fieldApp Keyword search field, Source: Asoservice.com

 Traditional keyword research is necessary to optimize this. It is essential to collect a complete dataset and then put in place steps to examine the information, then refine and improve it along with other crucial elements in an iterative manner (likely each month).

- App reviews and ratings

They are a crucial trust zone for users and also an indicator of rank for app stores. The quantity, the freshness, and the ratings all count.

App reviewsApp reviews in ASO, Source: Asoservice.com

You'll need an established framework to create regular reviews and respond to reviews and engage with them. Frontline employees can add an abundance of value in this regard. Implementing any form of staff training and incentives can motivate and encourage your staff to be more proactive and consistent in generating positive numbers of app reviews.

- App downloads

It's not surprising that the more downloads your app receives, the more widespread the perception of interest and the demand and value of the app. The more downloads you receive will boost its prominence in an app's overall rank. Buy app downloads are also good for Android, and iOS apps, and games.

 It's as crucial to connect your marketing channels with the app store to bring users to the application as to increase your app's performance. The more you can combine marketing channels and track how they interact, the better the chance of influencing the results.

- App Updates: Downloads Deserve Freshness

The most popular apps on the app stores are the ones that are constantly evolving (reflecting feedback from users, technological modifications, additions to features, and other improvements).

These apps constantly change to reflect the opinions and needs of users.

Apps that are frequent updates are more likely to receive positive reviews and are more frequently reviewed.

They also offer iterative methods to keep up-to-date, interact with, and serve your business community.

Regular updating of your application will provide more value to your product for your target audience. It also allows your brand to adapt to your audience's changing needs and competition changes with improvements and refinements to your app.

Both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store take into account the frequency of app updates as part of their ranking algorithm.

The more your company is committed to expanding the product offerings of your app, the higher your chances of achieving success in gaining a higher rank for your app and its performance in stores will be.

It's a great way to make sure your app stays in line with its use and is open to positive reviews and honest feedback loops to your customers.

- 5 Extra Optimize ASO Tips

Here are other strategies to boost your app store's sales.

1. App stores employ keywords as triggers in your app's name and description, title, and other fields. So make sure that you do your research on the most effective keywords to use and check them regularly to find opportunities for optimization

Extra ASO TipsExtra ASO Tips, Source: Asoservice.com

2. How you design your app store's product page will significantly impact the conversion of value (downloads) you can expect on the site. Product page CRO must be an ongoing priority for you to generate downloads.

3. Thumbnail pictures and screenshots used to promote your app in the app store directly affect CTR (CTR) in terms of clicks compared to clicks to other pages on your app.

4. A/B test all of the fields in your app store to continuously improve crucial metrics associated with the area (CTR CRO, CTR, etc.). This kind of experimentation or hypothesis test is essential to extract every bit of value from the optimization options within the app store.

5. You should consider the use of the Apple Spotlight Search. Using this app store, users can browse through the apps already installed on their phones. If you turn on Spotlight Search in Apple's Spotlight Search, you can also affect the use of your app and engagement levels since users are presented with the app often.

3. Buy Optimize ASO package from Top 1 Agency

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Buy Optimize ASO packageBuy Optimize ASO package, Source: Asoservice.com
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4. Steps to buying Optimize ASO packages

+ Follow the steps

  • Step 1: Choose the plan that you want us to make
  • Step 2: Fill in the URL information
  • Step 3: Fill in your contact email
  • Step 4: Fill in the details in the description for your campaign

- The campaign speed you desire

- The country goal you want to make

- More notes that you need us to pay attention to

  • Step 5: Pay for the package that you choose

+ Get the results: We will send you a detailed report when we complete your order.

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6. Conclusion

Optimize ASO package continues to beat the growth trend. In the last couple of years, the need and value of apps as part of the marketing mix have been established as a crucial marketing strategy. The first issue is to ensure that apps are found by users naturally through the app stores that are the most popular. You've got concrete steps to start today to update, improve and position your applications to produce better performance.



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