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The best ways to market iOS, Android apps and games

App marketing should not be an extra-curricular. Advertise your app well before the release date, and continue until the app is available in the market. Inspiring an atmosphere of excitement is an excellent method to generate interest in the app from clients, both current and potential. The anticipation can bring visitors to your website. App developers can market iOS, and Android apps, and games with simple ways to increase app ranking very fast this article.

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1. How can you market iOS, and Android apps, and games

You're probably aware that the idea behind your app is excellent, but how do you get more people on the bandwagon? You must be creative to stay at the forefront of the competition in the marketplace today. However, specific strategies for app marketing may seem simple, but they are essential in today's marketing, online or offline. Since many app categories are highly competitive, developing a unique variation on the subject is vital.

Market iOS apps, Android appsMarket iOS and Android apps, Source: Asoservice.com

There isn't a "secret sauce" or algorithm that can assist you. Developing creative ideas for marketing your app takes a lot of time. It's even more challenging to develop free methods to market your app. Let's review some ideas that might stimulate your imagination.

  • Make sure that your app's branding 

This may require you to review the identity of your brand generally. Do you believe your image conveys about your company? Your marketing strategy helps to make your company more noticeable and lets customers experience something about it. Brands don't need to be mere logos. They should evoke emotion. This is how the most potent interactions are made among brands and consumers.

Remember when Instagram altered its design? Be aware that apps have to change to reflect your company's branding.

  • Do market research with your target market.

If you conduct thorough research before beginning the development of your app, you can learn the views of people who may be interested. This is more than just a way for users to feel part of the team. It also puts your app on their radar. The particular audience that you're trying to draw will be able to have an inside look at the concept of your app. They must be enthusiastic about the idea. If they're not, you'll have to shift the gears or consider rethinking your customers.

  • Contact with influential individuals

The endorsements from celebrities and influencers that affect the viewers you are referring to can make a difference. Influencer marketing has replaced strategies to market on Social Media in recent years, and our social media feeds are now. If your product targets customers, it is an excellent addition to a marketing plan for apps.

Influencer marketing via apps isn't only restricted to Instagram. Here's an example in this regard in The Melea Show. In a clip of eight minutes, she explains to all her followers, who number 350,000, how using the Ibotta app allows her to reduce the cost of shopping. Following the video, the viewer is given an offer code to download the app. She also includes Ibotta's URLs inside the caption.

  • Join us in the discussion

Find out what customers are searching for. Participate in forums that offer questions and answers, like Quora. You can find answers to questions from real users. You can create Google notifications to your business's name and other related search results. For example, if you're running a travel app, you could create alerts regarding "travel mistakes" or "where should I go on vacation next?" This will let you stay at the top of social media's response and allow you to become an expert in your field by identifying solutions for your customers.

  • Invite your app's launch party

Be sure to make sure you celebrate your hours of work by throwing a lavish party! It may be an inside party, open to the general public, or both. It's also an opportunity to ensure that your app gets additional recognition. It is possible to hire an experienced event planner to ensure that your app's launch party will be successful without issue.

What kind of consumer do you want to connect with? Coffee Meets Bagel hosted a launch party to launch their Canadian expansion. They're trying to differentiate their app from other dating apps. They say they will help you find a perfect partner. The tuna tartare that they provided at their Downtown Toronto event was a hit with guests.

  • Utilize your mobile-friendly website

During a customer's journey, your customers will eventually arrive at your website. Make use of pop-ups that are effective in a call to action (CTA) to encourage your app's download. Include the links to your app (for all platforms that offer app stores) in the footer in the section in which you can add the social icons that you've connected.

2. Market iOS, and Android apps, and games from Social Media

You have the chance to share true stories. And the best part is that you're the only one who can describe the entire story from beginning to finish. Let your app demonstrate how it can resolve customer problems or create an entire series focused on your application's various aspects. This also allows you to create specific CTAs for various users.

- Leverage dedicated landing pages

Landing pages are where stunning design and an impressive call to action a perfect. The most efficient landing pages are simple, clean, and concise.

In just one sentence, The landing page on Slack for downloading their apps quickly provides details and reasons for downloading the app. The landing page can also boost the popularity of the app and the credibility of the assertion by placing essential partners at the top of the section.

  • Create an email-based marketing campaign

Similar to this, create an email series to use with your application. This allows you to sort an email database into various segments and customize your email messages' contents. Your app's benefits may differ for different customers. Email campaigns are also great ways to advertise the most recent features or upgrades to existing users.

- Subscribers to the mailing list

You can boost how many people get your newsletters and email newsletters by increasing the number of subscribers. With the constant addition of contacts, you can implement drip campaigns to follow up leads throughout the buying process.

  • Be active on social media.

Make content tailored to your application and already-established social media platforms. In the beginning, it's essential to decide which channels are best suited for your business. In addition to posting updates about your app in your feed, you can include your latest news in your banners. Imagine it as a billboard on the internet for social media.

Tip: Check out this thorough guide on marketing via social media to get outcomes.

  • Consider advertising for social media sites.

Social media advertisements provide the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience. The majority of social media platforms have advertising, like Twitter. But, each has distinct characteristics, for instance, the location or cost. For example, Twitter might be a great way to grow your audience. However, there's much more engagement on Facebook. Consider the different platforms that could work with your business.

  • Integrate in-app social share

Are there any benefits to your app's users sharing it with their friends on social media? This method is popular with games that let users post their achievements on social media within the application.

If you're the winner of HQ Trivia, when you are awarded the prize, you're shown a pop-up message that allows you to tell your story to the world. Then, your friends are aware that you're an expert and that someone else already has this app, and they can too. This allows your message to reach a group of people that still need to be reachable.

  • Ask your friends to sign up for relevant social media sites

Joining the social networks of your choice allows you to connect with a broader audience. They have a lot in common. It might apply to your proposal when you've completed the necessary research and come across something relevant.

3. Using a Promotion Campaign to market iOS and Android apps.

Creating an invite system for your app is a fantastic way to increase the amount downloaded. Users can invite friends to download your apps if they believe it is beneficial to them. As with most apps, it's more likely for users to look into downloading an app if it's from someone they trust rather than the organization that developed it.

Trial trials are free and promotional coupons

Let's admit it. A bonus incentive is an excellent idea to achieve any goal in marketing. Give your potential customers that little boost toward the finish line. Offering your product for free isn't a loss of value. It makes customers thoroughly explore the benefits of your product in only a short amount of time. It's also essential to take care of current customers and offer them promotional codes. They're most likely to be discussed and shared by other users.

Make an online network

You could even turn off your internet when you're able! Make a place where your customers can interact with each other. It doesn't matter whether it's on a social media platform, in your blog's comments section, or somewhere in between. Your clients may desire to interact with other customers. Making people recommend your app through word of mouth is a lot of work. This is an excellent method to get the process. You are setting up the platform online for your app's users.

In the beginning, it was an application for keeping track of food; MyFitnessPal has created a forum for users to discuss their struggles and ask questions with other users on their journey to becoming fit. It's accessible on their website and can be found in"community " under the "community" section. They also have a substantial social media presence, including official pages and groups where users can post their opinions and get expert advice.

4. Focus on the customer service

It should be simple for customers to reach your business. Apps generally provide a speedy solution to a problem, and we'd love to see similar from the designers of their apps.

Make sure that you make sure to update your app regularly

Customers also require an operating system. It's about more than staying up with the latest changes to operating systems and other updates. You'll also have to give your customers some new features now and then. Maintenance of apps should be a primary concern for any developer after launch.

Tips: How much does it cost to make an application? The simple solution to this question is "it depends," but you'll discover additional expenses you'll encounter while creating an application.

5. Market iOS, and Android apps from App Store Optimization.

Similar to SEO (search engine optimization) (SEO) and app store optimization (ASO) improves the ranking of your app with minor adjustments to your listing in the store for apps. It includes a variety of techniques, such as incorporating relevant keywords into the title of the app and adding pictures in your preview area. Most apps are discovered through a simple search, and ASO is crucial to make your application more prominent to potential users.

Tips Software for optimizing your app store can help you manage your tasks. Some applications can even monitor the average ranking and download statistics.

Keep SEO in your mind as well.

You can and should do both. The URL of your app can be an excellent strategy for Google search if your query is relevant. A lot of it is an unintentional guessing exercise like any other kind of optimization. Try a variety of components to determine which is the most efficient for your specific application.

Make sure to index your application

App indexing lets users navigate directly to the app's site via a search engine. Imagine your client conducting one quick Google search and discovering an app that has the best solution for him, only to go to the app store to seek the same solution. By removing the extra steps, indexing apps could increase downloads. It's a simple solution.

Create a demo video

According to Alexa, YouTube is the second most visited website globally and just behind Google. This means that video marketing will be around for quite a long time. It would help if your company were visible to your clients wherever they go. Making videos can help do this.

Demo videos of applications are a great way to answer the most frequently asked questions and provide more detailed information about the features. The Sense application is an energy monitoring tool for homes that may need help for novice users.

6. Market iOS and Android apps from the Famos website.

Blog guest post for Tech publications.

Maintain your blog's relevance by contacting editors at tech publications. Achieving the perfect balance between educational and marketing content in your guest blog posts is essential. Create credibility and build trust among your readers by providing the necessary details.

Review your app on websites

Reviews are a growing advantage for marketers. When your app gains reviews and ratings, it will start to gain popularity in the market.

A range of websites is focused on reviews of applications, like AppAdvice. Headspace's Headspace profile page details how the app works, what type of users will benefit from it, what the experts' opinions are on it, and so on.

It is possible to climb to first place on websites that review apps. To do this, you need to create an outstanding product. There are numerous apps to choose from if you want to be included in an app listing of the best. It is vital to think creatively right from the beginning.


App stores have a "featured apps" section on their homepage. Apart from having a premium app, it's essential to present your idea in the direction of Apple or Google Play. It is clear the characteristics you've added to your application that make it distinctive that you'd not have created your app initially. This is your chance to shine.

The prize you are awarded is always a pleasure and is attractive. It could also be featured in your promotional materials. Usually, those who present these awards have a great image, which you could utilize for your benefit. These awards can help your company stand out over your competitors. You could be able to be among the elite predecessors. Here are The best ways to market iOS, and Android apps and games. Hope this knowledge is helpful to all app developers.

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